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S1E3 - Procrastination: WPP Nov 17, 2019

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Episode Notes

Welcome to The Whole Phil podcast, I am your host, Phil Reese, the DJ, that's my Facebook name, Really Phil Reese, that's my Twitter, Phillip J Reese, that's my Instagram, my dot com and my real life. This is the podcast where you get your whole Phil. I talk about whatever I want, with whomever I want, and do whatever I want, because there's no rules, no format, and no bleeping censors (sorry Mom).

Thanks for joining me today, November 17. Let me tell you a little about me, I'm a loving, lovable, fat, hairy, queer, inked, sober, spiritual, vegetarian, feminist radical leftist web developer, video producer and deejay in DC. Now that you know a little about me and where we are, let me know a little about you. Tweet me, at reallyphilreese, I'd love to meet you. Let's start the show.

Today am going to talk about procrastination.

I WANTED to talk about it tomorrow, but I promised you an episode today, and I guess I better stick to it.

I am a natural procrastinator. Why do today what you can put off until ... infinity?

Procrastination isn't just about putting something off. We have to reprioritize and rearrange our schedules sometimes. Just the other day I was planning to get a haircut, but I ran out of time because the very pressing priority of playing with my cats came up. Then just this morning I was going to go to the internet store and return a router that I'm not even using anymore and paying rent on, but then my bed was very warm and comfortable. Then there's the blankets I really need to take to the laundromat.

I will find any excuse to procrastinate. And it's a real problem. Most people wouldn't call me lazy, though.

That's because procrastination isn't about laziness it's about fear and anxiety. We put off those things we aren't sure we're prepared to deal with yet. Almost all the tasks I procrastinate on deal with having to leave my apartment, lug a bunch of stuff around town by myself on public transit, deal with strangers, and be unsure about how much time the task will take. My anxiety over these things lead me to want to banish the thought of the task from my consciousness so I can think of something more pleasant.

We often use these anxieties to give us an excuse to then be lazy instead, but the laziness is a byproduct of the anxieties and procrastination, not the cause of it.

What can I do to combat this then.

Sometimes I use other anxieties as a motivator. In the case of my haircut, I may tell my DJ partner, Ben I'm going to get a fresh cut before our party on Friday. The anxiety of then showing up and looking like a liar Friday will overpower my anxiety about sitting around in the barber shop for God knows how long.

In other cases I may seek out encouragement from someone with more experience. In the case of dealing with my internet company, I have a neighbor who deals with them frequently. I may ask him what his experience at their office was like, so I know a little better what to expect.

Finally, necessity can take care of others. It's getting cold. I need clean blankets. So it's either freeze to death or buck up and haul my stuff to the boring laundromat. In this case, maybe I can ask a friend to join me to make it a little less unpleasant and pass the time.

Knowing your procrastination's source is actually specific anxieties and not just laziness can help you conquer it. What are you procrastinating on? And what fears or anxieties might be behind that? Is there anyone you can talk to to help you alleviate that fear?

So knock something out today you've been procrastinating on!

That's it for today. I hope you're enjoying the show. If you like what you hear, please subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, just search Whole Phil, and drop me a rating on Apple podcasts or Google podcasts if you want me to keep this going. Tweet me at reallyphilreese with topic ideas you think I should cover. If you're in DC, come see me Monday for Showtunes Sing-A-Long and Thursday for the weekly Top 10 countdown following the Drag Race UK finale, both at JR's. Then Friday, the 22nd, join me and Ben for Kicks & Giggles Go POP! at the Green Lantern. All of this info can be found on my website phillipjreese.com. And remember, be good to yourself, love yourself, and we're all in this together.

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