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S1E12 - Spring has Sprung!

Do you see Spring as the true beginning of the year?

a year ago

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Today is Sunday, March 8, and we're talking about Spring!

Whether or not it feels like it, Spring is upon us. It's been a long, weird Winter, and Spring gives us a wonderful opportunity to really begin the year with a positive energy and solid goals.

A lot of people like to make New Years Resolutions, or give up something for Lent. I prefer, however, to set my intentions for the year at the beginning of Spring. Winter is a terrible time to set goals, at least north of the equator. Even if you don't suffer from Seasonal affective disorder, what kind of mental state are you in in Winter? I know I am not of my right mind during Winter. I hold off on making big plans for my year until Spring.

I'll be right back to go deeper after a quick break.

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Now on with the show.

The world is dead during winter. Positive energy is lacking. Nature springs back to life in Spring, and so do I. As the morning frosts begin to be fewer, and the cherry blossoms begin to wake up around the tidal basin, I find the energy of the year really turning on.

Now that the world is starting to wake up, I am ready to do the same. Now is a great time for me to look optimistically into the future. This year, nearing the end of my first year in sobriety, I'm ready to make some big swings to make my life more fulfilling and positive. This month is a wonderful time to meditate on my goals for the year and to make decisions on where I'd like to be next spring.

Living in harmony with nature is very important to me, so I live on nature's calendar, not man's. Therefore, this is the real beginning of the year for me. Do you like setting new goals in Spring? What kind of goals are you setting for your year? Tweet me at ReallyPhilReese and tell me about how you may or may not use Spring to set your intentions going forward.

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